The St. Luke’s Choir has four professional staff singers, and all the others are volunteers from the congregation. We are always looking for good singers, and we will continue to do so until we run out of room. (And then we’ll make more room.) Because the choir is known for its high caliber of musical performance, we do have two requirements: (1) You must match pitch; and (2) You must play well with others. Matching pitch is very important because the sections are so small; a single voice going sharp or flat is difficult to overcome. As for playing well with others, you need not consult your first-grade report card; you’ve probably come a long way since then. St. Luke’s is a diva-free zone; all the choir members learn to sing and blend with each other so that no individual voice predominates and the parts are balanced. We are happy to say that the group dynamic is terrific. Our guest singers tell us over and over how much they love singing at St. Luke’s, and they are always welcomed.

Should you be able to read music? Yes. Is it a requirement? No. We sight-read music every week, sometimes a LOT of music every week. As your music reading skills improve, this all becomes much easier. There are little lessons that help with this. And this is where the four staff singers come in: It is always easier to sing your part when you’re sitting next to someone who already knows the music. Any of our singers will tell you how their music reading skills have improved over the years. Just ask them.

We are always on the lookout for instrumentalists. Many anthems are written to include strings, brasses, woodwinds, percussion, or piano. If you are proficient at any of these, we would love to be able to find a way to include you. We also enjoy the variety that we could have with instrumental solos. As Scripture almost tells us, don’t hide your violin under a bushel.

We at St. Luke’s are very happy that we have a congregation that sings in four-part harmony and is so supportive of the music program. If you think you can be more involved, please talk to the director or any member of the choir.

Kent B. Jones
Director of Music