Adult Education

St. Luke’s offers a variety of adult education opportunities throughout the year. We are currently offering a weekly bible study on Wednesday evenings with 6:30 soup and salad, followed by an hour of reading and reflection on Holy Scripture. Starting Jan 8, 2020, we are exploring the Book of Genesis. The first Sunday of each month features a special topic and guest presenter.

We also periodically engage a variety of teachers and experts in various subjects for additional short-term subject study during certain seasons, like Advent, Lent, or Easter on Sundays after Coffee hour, or at another time convenient to the presenter. Past offerings have included classes on “Exploring Sacred Art” and “Exploring Sacred Music, led by Dr. Gary Toops; a Lenten workshop entitled, “Making Life Triumph: Preparing for a Holy Death,” an examination of death and dying lead by palliative care physician, Dr. Adam Kendell; a six week series on “Using your Write Brain: Poetry as Path to Healing and Resurrection,” led by poet, educator Alex Martin Donovan, and “The Quantum Divine,” an exploration of cosmology, astrophysics, and faith by physicist and parishioner, Carlos Carrion.

Every Lent we offer“Holy Hikes: aka Wilderness Wonderings,”a combination of hiking, biblical reflection, and fellowship at a local park, or nature trail on Saturday Mornings from 8 am – 11 am, between Ash Weds and Palm Sunday. Members gather at St. Luke’s and carpool to various hiking spots where explore God’s creation and Holy Word as a way of settling deeper into a healthy Lenten spiritual discipline.

Periodically we offer in-depth preparation for those wishing to be confirmed or baptized in the Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition. Anyone interested is invited to inform the rector and a course of study will be arranged.