Lay Readers

Lay Readers read the first and second scriptures, occasionally the Psalm or response to the first reading (8 a.m. Service), as well as lead the Prayers of the People as outlined in the Book of Common Prayer (1979) or other source. The only requirements are the ability to communicate clearly and be communicants in good standing. Young people are welcome to serve in this role.  Training includes protocol for coming up to the lectern and overcoming nervousness when reading in front of the clergy, choir, and congregation! (Ay!)  Kidding aside, supportive help is always available!  Lay Readers are also central in special services such as Tenebrae and the Easter Vigil when there are multiple readings.  Training will be given in Safe Church, knowledge in the use of the Book of Common Prayer (1979), and reading of Scripture. Further training is available for those who wish to lead the Daily Office (Morning Prayer, Noon Day Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline).