Sermons given at St. Luke’s can be downloaded in MP3 format.

To find the texts of the assigned readings for each Sunday Proper – you can go to http://www.lectionarypage.net/

Christmas Sunday Sermon: Feast of the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents
Christmas Day Sermon: Word Power
Advent 4 C sermon: The Rev.Stephen Huber
Advent 3 C sermon: “Teach the Free Man How to Praise”
A Deacon’s Life: A Sermon for the Life of Ann Dumolt
Advent 1 C Sermon: Waiting with Promise
Proper 29 B CtK sermon: Join the Anti-Kingdom
Proper 28 B sermon: Kelly-Lauer
A Sermon for the Feast of All Saints
Proper 25 B Sermon: What do you want me to do for you
A Sermon for the Feast of St. Luke-2018
Proper 23 B Sermon: Freeing Ourselves from Privilege and Scarcity
Proper 21 B Sermon: Of Millstones and Mutilation
Proper 20 B Sermon: Kelly Lauer-The Wise Woman
Proper 19 B: Sermon: Tongues
Proper 18 B Sermon: Wisdom
Proper 17 B Sermon: Come Away My Love
Proper 16 B Sermon: Stumbling into Christs Arms
Proper 14 B Sermon: What are we doing here
Proper 13 B Sermon: Asking Questions
Proper 12 B Sermon: Kelly Lauer
Proper 11 B Sermon: Jim Gray-Good News for Compassion Fatigue
Proper 10 B Sermon: Nathan Biornstad
Proper 9 B Sermon: Called to a Non-Anxious Ministry
Proper 7 B Sermon: Losing to Win
Proper 6 B Sermon:Fr. Nathan
Proper 5 B sermon: Everything old is new again – Especially the Promises of God
Proper 4 B sermon: Sabbath = Health = Life!
Trinity Sunday Sermon: Dramatis Personae
Pentecost-Sermon: Fr. Nathan
Easter 7 B Sermon: Eyes Down Here
Easter 6 B Sermon: Deacon-Ann 
Easter 5 B Sermon: Abiding
Easter 4 B Sermon: Being-Good-Shepherds
Easter 3 B Sermon:Fr. Nathan
Easter 2 B Sermon: Peace be with You
Easter Sunday: Sermon
Good Friday Sermon: Kelly Lauer
Maundy Thursday: Sermon
Holy-Week-Tuesday: Fr. Nathan
Holy-Week-Monday: Jim-Gray
Lent 5 B-sermon: Alex-Martin-Donovan
Lent 4 B sermon:Fr. Nathan
Lent 3 B Sermon:
Lent 2 B-sermon: Covenants-of-Life
Lent 1 B Sermon: Kelly Lauer
Epiphany 5 B sermon: Even Youth Will Fall
Epiphany 4 B Sermon: Spreading Authority – Spreading Life
Epiphany 3 B-Sermon: Fr. Nathan
Epiphany 2 B Sermon: Being Known, (and its consequences)
Epiphany Feast Sermon: The Challenge of Enlightenment