Adam Kendall – Music Education

Since 2013, parishioners Dr. Adam Kendall and Jeannette Santana have been facilitating private lessons in violin and piano to children with an interest in solo music performance.  In lieu of a lesson fee, Dr. Kendall encourages students to make a donation to any of several charities, including the Parish of St. Luke the Physician, Monrovia. Several of his students started without any musical background or with means of obtaining an instrument. Of his 20 students, four have benefited from donated instruments and have received an opportunity to nurture a self-expression they may not have found elsewhere in the community. The warm and historic feel of Guild Hall provides a beautiful venue for the lessons and an excellent acoustic environment for the semiannual music recitals.

To reach Dr. Kendall and learn more about his music ministry, see his website,, or email at