Our Ethos

The service of Holy Communion (also called Eucharist) is central to our life of worship. We are fed not only intellectually and emotionally by the Word of Holy Scripture (our faith stories), but spiritually and mystically in the bread and wine at the altar each week. This sacrament is not an end in itself, but rather is offered to nurture us and strengthen us in faith so that we might go out into the world and fulfill our baptismal promise, “to seek and serve God in all people, loving our neighbors as ourselves.” We do this in our family life, our vocations, our community service, and charitable giving.

As a congregation, we seek to be engaged in worship, rather than merely entertained by it. We want to be open to God’s truth as it is revealed to us, instead of being told what is “right” or “wrong”. We prefer to build our faith “peace by piece” (pun intended), rather than receiving it pre-packaged and fully assembled. Instead of molding the Gospel message to support our individual ideas and prejudices, we choose to live it out as it is given to us in spirit and community. That is why we have a Book of Common Prayer, which has been the corporate expression and liturgical laboratory of our faith journey throughout the centuries.

Most of all, by following the examples of Christ himself and his evangelist, St. Luke – the Physician, we seek to be a refuge where the healing love of God can be shared and experienced. We are a community that welcomes all of God’s children, no matter what your race, ethnic or religious background, and no matter what your sexual orientation.