The music program at St. Luke’s is probably the most visible – not to mention audible – aspect of life in the parish. Music has long been a strength at St. Luke’s, and our current music program maintains the tradition of the stellar music programs that came before.

The congregation of St. Luke’s now has a well-earned reputation for singing. This may be one of the few small parishes where the congregation routinely sings in four-part harmony, and the sopranos in the congregation are always game for trying the descants that are printed in The Hymnal 1982, the primary source of congregational music. There are usually four hymns in the morning worship as well as the service music: the Gloria in Excelsis (or Kyrie Eleison), the Sanctus and Benedictus, and the Agnus Dei. The congregation knows five settings of the service music, which are sung in rotation throughout the liturgical year. And on certain occasions, the congregation even sings a couple of the canticles in Anglican chant.

The music program at St. Luke’s is decidedly ambitious for a parish of this size. We have been blessed with an excellent pipe organ, a massive music library, a choir of fine musicians who have a genuine camaraderie, and world-class acoustics. We also have a congregation that appreciates the work the choir does and has a taste for excellence in music

Other Music Offerings

Our wonderful acoustics have made the Parish of St. Luke a highly desired venue for various music performances.The San Gabriel Valley Choral Company, makes St. Luke’s its home venue for a series of concerts throughout the year.  High F’lutin, a flute ensemble, also presents periodic concerts in our sanctuary.  In recent years, we have also made our space available for a variety of recitals done by students and faculty of Azusa Pacific University.